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With the new automatic system is now easier to produce airpad cushions air. The machine automatically produces strips or individual air cushions, injecting air into a polyethylene film without the aid of compressed air.


The system produces a highly protective type of packing composed of air bubbles. This innovative system works automatically, no operator is required. The Airpad system is covered by worldwide patents.


The machine is versatile and easy-to-use; it is a fast, simple and compact machine packed with the latest technologies. It produces different pad sizes only at a touch of a button and not by changing film rolls.


Fromm Holding AG designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of packaging machines and equipment for unitizing and palletizing indutrial loads, such as strapping tools and automatic machines, pallet strech wrapping machines as well as the patented Airpad product protection and void-filling system.

Established in 1947, the family-owned business employs approximately 1000 people throughout the world, subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and South Africa and more than 50 specialized partners and distributors worldwide that guarantee efficient customer service and assistance. Traditional values like continuity, independency and reliable quality products guide the company's corporate policy and represent the success over decades.

Having concentrated years of effort into research activity, FROMM is able to create increasingly innovative technological solutions for packaging. Following meticulous study, FROMM is ready to present a new bubble-wrapsystem in the form of its AP100, AP250 AP250s, AP502, AP503 machines. These technological products provide a reliable, ecological and economic answer to the market requirements.

The company's expansion is not only due to the distribution of its products, but also to the highly trained staff and specilized consultancy offered, constantly providing appropriate services for its costumer.



As a leading manufacturer of quality tools for various types of strapping products, FROMM offers a variety of consumable materials like the one in PET.


FROMM has developed equipment for different types of strapping, both manual and automatic, which makes the loading and unloading easier.


FROMM stretch wrappers are extremely user-friendly and can be used in any situation; the programs are very easy to operate and flexible.

Automation Systems

The strength of FROMM Automation strapping systems is based on a 20 year knowledge of a highly qualified and skilled team.



FROMM produces packaging solutions for different necessities, individually wrapping and protecting your goods. Airpads are available in many sizes and thicknesses and adapt instantly to your packing needs. The pads are stretchable and resistant, due to their high quality film, reducing risk of breakages and damages. Your delivery is totally guaranteed: items protected by FROMM Airpad lowers returns for breakages. When compared with traditional packaging alternatives, FROMM gives you far more superior product protection. Film thicknesses are available to withstand static loads exceeding 300 kg.


The sheet of air bubbles is divided into strips by a perforation line. This type of packing adapts to the box, covering it, and may be used to wrap the product to be packed, or as filling material to hold the objects. The adaptability, flexibility and strength of these products make them suitable for use with an infinite variety of applications, such as ceramics and electronics, as well as ideal for the combined delivery of items of different shape and size, eliminating the waste of space. Maximum efficiency and speed are obtained when the AIRPAD system is applied to one or more packing lines.


Airpad protective material consists of 99% air and 1% film. In the event of disposal, it represents a minimum amount of waste. A clean, ecological and recyclable product created with total respect for the environment. Furthermore, this type of packing is very light and so it reduces transport costs considerably, as well as saving precious space in the warehouse. The APS system offers savings of between 30% and 70% compared with other systems. Less material, less weight and less storage space result in lower costs and substantial savings. Airpad is the economical and environmental alternative.